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 Comparative features of different metal decking machines

Comparative features of different metal decking machines

This article mainly compares different features metal decking machines.

Comparative features of different metal decking machines

The closed floor deck is a more advanced composite floor deck system, which has been proved to have stronger bearing capacity and shear resistance than other open floor deck systems. The special design of the closed rib shape allows the slab ribs of the steel bearing slab to be completely surrounded by concrete, just like the steel bars in the cast-in-situ slab, so as to maximize the respective characteristics of steel-concrete and successfully applied to the reinforced building. In the bearing system, it has excellent fire resistance.
Close neck metal decking has the following feature:
1.The construction is simple and fast, shortening the construction period;
2Replace the traditional form work and improve the shortcomings of the traditional form work. After the concrete is hardened, it will act as a tensile steel bar, resulting in a combination effect;
3. It can be used as a part of structural strength to reduce material cost;
4. Easy construction of reinforcement, wiring and piping;
5. The appearance is neat and beautiful;
6. Light weight, high strength, heavy load-bearing capacity and good earthquake resistance;
Here are drawing profiles for your reference:

1. The slab bottom is flat and the webs are adhered. It can provide a variety of slab ceiling treatment methods according to the different functions and needs of various rooms.
2. The center of gravity of the bearing slab section of the closed floor is about 16mm from the bottom of the slab, which is smaller than the cross-section parameters of the open or contracted floor bearing slab. When the bearing capacity of the composite floor is analyzed according to the plastic theory, the resultant center of concrete pressure and the center of tensile force have larger internal arms , Which means that the strength of the material is more fully developed, so the closed composite floor has a larger structural bearing capacity or a higher safety factor;
3. The closed floor deck can completely replace the positive bending moment tensile steel bars in the floor slab and can achieve a 2-hour fire-resistant aging without spraying fire-resistant paint;
4. The rib corners of the closed floor deck make the concrete's binding force on the floor deck stronger, and the combined floor can achieve a true combined effect;
5. The composite floor of the closed floor deck can reduce the thickness of the floor and increase the headroom. With open floor deck, the minimum board thickness needs to be 126mm, while the minimum board thickness is 104mm;
6. The unique card slot suspension system of the closed floor deck can facilitate the installation of electromechanical pipes under the building slab. The system does not need to drill holes or pre-embed iron parts at the bottom of the slab, just easily insert two cards into the groove at the bottom of the slab. A 200kg lifting point can be provided, and the disassembly is also very convenient;
When come to installation, the differences: 
1. The bearing slab of the closed floor is processed in the factory in strict accordance with the design paving plan, and the order of the slabs has been numbered. On-site construction does not require cutting and patching, which is convenient for on-site installation of steel structure companies;
2. When arranging the bearing slab of a closed floor, it is only necessary to arrange the slabs according to the span. When connecting with the steel beams, because the bottom of the slab is flat, there is enough area for the actual connection with the steel beams. Therefore, it can be laid directly without treatment (the open board needs to be cut and patched to avoid false overlap with the steel beam);
3. Open floor deck plates should be blocked at the ports to prevent pouring concrete from leaking through the bottom opening of the slab, and closed floor deck plates do not need end plugging due to closed webs;
4. Because the bottom of the closed floor deck is flat, it can be fully combined with the upper wing plate of the steel beam, no matter whether it is horizontally or along with the steel beam. Therefore, the top surface of the upper wing plate of the steel beam does not need to be sprayed with fireproof coating. However, there is a cavity between the open steel bearing plate and the steel beam, and a shoulder plug is required to fill the cavity;
5. The closed floor deck completely replaces the lower steel bars, reducing the amount of on-site steel production, reducing on-site labor and speeding up construction. At the same time, cancel the original design of the lower steel bar, which can provide more space for laying wire sleeves in the floor;
Comprehensive cost comparison analysis
Compared with the open floor deck, the closed floor deck can eliminate the fireproof coating at the bottom of the slab, can completely replace the lower steel bar, and can reduce the thickness of the floor slab, save the amount of concrete, and the unique suspension system of the closed floor deck can also save Installation cost of electromechanical piping. In addition, due to the above advantages, the processing speed can be significantly accelerated and the construction period can be shortened. Therefore, the use of closed-end floor decks can reduce the direct cost of the project on the one hand, and reduce the project management cost on the other hand. The fire resistance rating of the closed floor deck is generally not less than 2 hours;
Closed type metal decking drawing profile:

Normal type metal decking profiles

Actually nearly all types metal decking machines we could make, so if you want to make metal machines, please contact us at any time.

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