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Metal Decking Steel Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine Composite Floor Decking Rollformer

Metal Decking Steel Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine Composite Floor Decking Rollformer

Floor decking plays a critical role in construction, providing a structural surface for floors that can support heavy loads and withstand various environmental

Floor decking plays a critical role in construction, providing a structural surface for floors that can support heavy loads and withstand various environmental conditions. There are several types of floor decking materials and systems, each with its unique characteristics and applications. Here are some common types of floor decking roll forming machines :
Concrete Decking Machine:
Solid Slabs: Traditional solid concrete slabs are often used for floor decking. They offer durability and strength, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.
Precast Concrete Panels: These are pre-manufactured concrete panels that are transported to the construction site and assembled. They are known for their efficiency and speed of installation. There are tr50 profile deck, tr60, tr80, tr220 floor deck roll forming machine for you choose.

Dovetail Composite Floor Deck
Steel Decking Roll Forming Machine:
Steel Decking: Steel deck panels with a concrete topping create composite floor systems. This combination enhances the strength and stiffness of the floor, making it suitable for long spans and heavy loads.
Form Decking: Designed primarily as a stay-in-place form for structural concrete, form decking is often used in composite floor systems.
Composite Floor Decking Rollformer:


B Composite Floor Decking - 1.5” Deep, also called roof decking

This type of metal floor decking is 1.5” in height and quite often referred to as “B” or “Type B”. It’s the lowest profile composite floor decking and is capable of the shortest spans. There’s also B deck, N deck and HSN3-32.

2 Inch Composite Floor Deck

Every manufacturer calls 2-inch composite floor deck something different, but you will normally see a “2” somewhere in the description. For example, Verco Decking calls their steel decking W2 Formlok.
2-inch composite floor decking can handle thicker concrete slabs and span further distances compared to 1.5” metal floor deck.

3 Inch Composite Floor Deck

3 inch composite floor deck is the deepest composite floor deck that’s readily available. It’s the strongest metal floor deck and can span the furthest. You can also pour a thicker concrete slab vs. a 1.5” or 2” floor deck.
Metal Decking Machine:
Aluminum Decking: Lightweight and corrosion-resistant, aluminum decking is suitable for outdoor applications. It often comes with interlocking systems for easy installation.
Corrugated Metal Decking: Corrugated metal panels are commonly used in industrial and commercial buildings. They are lightweight, provide structural support, and are often used in conjunction with insulation materials.

9/16” Form Deck - Shallow Vercor

Shallow Vercor is the lowest profile form deck and can support the least amount of weight. This is the least expensive type of form decking.

1 5/16” Form Deck - Deep Vercor

Deep Vercor is a higher profile form deck. It’s capable of longer spans and can support more weight. Because it’s normally heavier gauge steel and costs more than Shallow Vercor.
Packing list-floor deck roll forming machine
No. Name Unit Quantity Remark
Part 1 10T hydraulic decoiler set 1 With loading car
Part 2 Main roll former set 1 Chains drive
Part 3 PLC control station set 1 Delta brand
Part 4 Cutting system set 1 Hydraulic
Part 5 Product table set 1 automatic
  The work flow for floor deck roll forming machine  
Technical parameters  
Series Details Parameter  
Product sheet Raw material Galvanized steel   
Material thickness 0.7 - 1.6 mm  
Part 1:  Decoiler  
A. Supporting the coils and doing uncoiling. The capacity is 10 Tons(max).  
B. It adopts the hydraulic oil cylinder to make the decoiler expandable and fit to the inner diameter of coils. It is equipped with the cantilever.  
C. Motor drive the coils running and can do forward and reverse running as well as do the decoiling with tension.  
D. The core can ensure the expand range φ510-φ610 of the coils inner diameter.  
The decoiler is equipped with the brake system  
Max coil width: 1250 mm  
Feeding speed: 0-20 m/min (adjustable)  
Driving motor power: 4 kw  
Hydraulic motor power: 4 kw  
  1. Structure: welding by the steel plates and profiled bar.
  Part 2: Main roll forming machine  
Roll forming machine
Feeding device the platform width is adjustable by hand wheel, have the bearing inside to protect the edge of the steel sheet.  
Rolling shaft
Shaft Material: 45# steel, surface hard chromium plating.  
Shaft diameter: 100 mm  
Tampering treatment, prevent deformed and improve the hardness  
Roller material: Cr 15  
Chromed treatment (Cr thickness:0.05 mm), anti-corrosion,Increase hardness, ensure the precision and good abrasion performance  
Rolling station 36 stations  
Includes one set embossing rolling station  
Work speed 0-15 m/min  
Machine structure Middle plate welded structure  
Steel plate thickness: 20mm  
machine basic frame
400# H steel welded with diagonal bracing inside  
The diagonal bracing can ensure the full set basic frame in the same horizontal level to prevent the sheet shift left or right. Meanwhile it can make sure the machine in a high stability when  working.  
Bearing Chinese famous brand Harbin  
  Work power 15 kw *2  
Brand: China famous brand  
    We adopt two motors driving on the transmission system because of the long rolling stations, it can balance the driving power and ensure all the rolling stations are in the same linear speed, to give the power more evenly to the machine  
Roller spacer treatment Anti rusty treatment  
Pull rod Anti rusty treatment  
Transmission Chain size: 1.5 inches  
Double chains driving  
Part 3: PLC control system  
Control system
Frequency brand Delta  
PLC brand Delta  
Screen type Touch screen & buttons  
Screen language English/Chinese/Spanish  
Low pressure electrical part Schneider  
Counter brand Omron  
Function Cutting length control, cutting quantity control, and speed control  
When machine arrives to you, simple insert the plug then you can use it easily. No need to connect the electricity.  
Part 4: cutting system  
Cutting system
Work type Hydraulic cutting  
Hydraulic motor power 5.5 kw  
Cutter material Gcr12, quenching at 58 to 62 degree to make sure hardness and long time to use.  
Cutting length tolerance ±10m/2mm  
Oil pump Solenoid valves:1 set  
Frame Pillar pole type to make sure working steady  
Cutting feature Steady and safe working condition and low sounds  
Oil tube and wires connection All the tubes and wires will be marked by the numbers or letters,So that it will be very easy to connect for the new.  
Hydraulic oil pump with cooling system  
Part 5: Automatic product table  
  1. Auto stacker for reception of the cut profiles: included, allows free unloading of each cut profile and automatic placement on the stack of previously made products, total unit length after assembly – at least 6 meters;
  2. Stacking principle: the top sheet will not damage the sheet below, the profile of the sheet below will match the profile of the top sheet;
  3. Unloading of the finished products (moving of the stack of finished products from the production line): mechanic, it will be possible to pick the stack using a fork-lift or in a similar manner (fork-lift will be provided by customer).
  4. Take the sheet by air compressor, 5.5KW( provide by customer)
  5. Transmission power:3kw AC motor
  6. Stacker length in 6m (30 feet)
  7. Drive of transmission by 1.0inch double line chain
  8. Transmission roller: ASTM1045 with chrome, diameter of roller is in 80mm
  9. Carrying capacity: maximal 5000Kgs

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