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step tile forming machineIntroduction glazed tile machine

2021-03-19 08:27:22

Introduction glazed tile machine glazed tile machine is mainly composed of roller forming section, press section and a cutter-type parts, such tile press rollers forming part of the main drag by the motor and glazed tile machine mainly by the roller forming part of the pressure type section and cutter parts, this tile press rollers forming part of the main chain is driven by a motor drive and each roller is rotated, this type of pressure-type tile press section belonging to the hydraulic cylinder to drive up and down movement of mold, the ability to color steel pressed into a lot of sections.Glazed tile machine core of the support frame structural system, as far as possible to limit the scope of large loads or moving loads by the wire coil is energized to produce gravitational platen power after use, in order to achieve sheet sandwiched between the platen and the base. As a result of the electromagnetic force holding so that the pressure plate can be made into a variety of workpieces requirements, but may have side walls of the workpiece machining.Sometimes it can be adjusted to meet the load transfer direction different requirements. Arrangement should be based on system characteristics, it uses key resistance form the clutch structure and open gear drive, and the use of more advanced electrical operation, low noise operation and easy maintenance.

Introduction glazed tile machine
Cutter part glazed tile machine is driven by a hydraulic cylinder to move up and down the tool, the ability to color steel Waqie off. When carrying out this type of tile press production, color plate into the 50 bone keel machineroller forming part, after forming the pressure-type part, pressed into a steadily equidistant cutter is responsible for cutting to length, pressure-watt machine control execution part of a inverter-driven motor and hydraulic station motor, two-pressure hydraulic solenoid valves, two hydraulic cutter solenoid valve.

Introduction glazed tile machine
When every piece of steel glazed tile installation, in a fixed process, steel clamps should always be clamped in the longitudinal direction. Color plate installation easier to grasp, center color plates of ribs and a dark button female rib fixation teeth together, and make an end of the lap also in the correct position to hold the plate, color plates and the lateral ends lap.
Some details of the deal is more important. For roofing color plates should be on the roof and eaves will color plates corresponding income while working, in order to reduce solar heat into the interior of the building, the installation of the roof, until both ends of the plate are fixed so far. A simple and effective method is to use a pair of gripping machine glazed tile pliers are clamped by lap steel.

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