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U-shaped villa caffold decking roll forming machinekeel automated production equipment

2021-03-22 08:23:43

U-shaped villa keel automated production equipment

Villa keel-pressure equipment is specialized in the production of cold-formed keel villa presses, dedicated to build villas framework uses, as light steel construction, light weight, and the material properties of the metal in the form of shear wall structure must determine the natural light steel structure system seismic performance. Because earthquake activity around and up and down, so use light steel fasteners joined together to form a stable security box, not because of earthquake shaking and collapsed walls or floor appears to fall endanger personal safety.
The so-called “light steel villa”, the main material is made of hot galvanized steel strip cold rolled metal frame synthesis technology, plus support through precise calculation binding accessories, play a reasonable capacity, to replace the traditional houses.

U-shaped villa keel automated production equipment
I plant cold-formed pressure-type equipment are imported high-precision PLC programmable controller, the wheel made in Japan CNC precision machining made to enmetal sheet embossing machinesure the accuracy of each of the workpiece! Machine assembled by a professional fitter, scribe drill precision measurement assembly.

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