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Common Problems tile press to intperforated cable tray cold roll formerroduce you into the winter ma

2021-03-22 08:23:49

Common Problems tile press to introduce you into the winter maintenance

Color tile press winter FAQs to introduce you, tile press winter maintenance is also very important, winter tile press often arise that tile press sometimes start when you need a buffer role,Tile press the hydraulic oil in the coagulation sometimes need a little bit of a slow movement up and running, so when you run the tile press in winter color plates Do not put into the machine, you need to first run after each operation switch is turned on to see there is no problem, if there is no problem and then put to the plate that would be a little bit of maintenance equipment.When winter tile press run must take into antifreeze pressure oil pump station will not only protect the machine but also for color-coated steel tile press is a kind of protection.Winter most common problem is the knife does not rise, not fall actually solved the problem is not pumping oil in the antifreeze.

Color tile press
Do not understand the structure and colosteel deck roll forming machiner steel tile press performance and operational procedures are not free to start the machine.Shall not exceed the minimum shut height to work, that the bottom surface of the slide to the work of the surface height in the vertical minimum distance requirement 290 after mold clamping, plus, plus thick crust top and bottom plate thickness of the tiles, must not exceed 290, manufacturing mold this requirement should be designed to avoid the machine accidents.Always observe the sliding body height on both sides of the box and the lubricating oil. Equipment should always be clean, keep clean, not allowed to have water dirt.

Color tile press
Colored steel tile molding machine uses a combination of advanced principles and quick adjustment mechanism, the strip to reduce friction, roof mounted unit energy consumption reduction, and has formed a reliable, easier to grasp the characteristics adjustment techniques.Color device structure is convenient and reasonable, functional, feeding, pressure-type, epoxy, heating, trimming, grooving, cut from sheet metal. Using precision low speed metering pump, frequency control, (or stepless speed control), computer-controlled, accurate measurement.Adopt a high level of automatic control software, production information management. The entire unit automation control system uses highly integrated network, enabling superior performance automation systems.
Tile press lubrication Care
(1) given moment greased;
(2) Use a dry cloth to wipe the chain on top of more oil, can be attached to beware of debris and dust;
(3) before settling on the new, it must liquidate its link local, to ensure there is no debris;
(4) Before settling the negotiations, we need to wipe the inside and before the shaft some oil, thus ensuring the high quality of its production.

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