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Lap 828 glazed Electric arc arching machineafter leaking how to do?

2021-03-22 08:23:53

Lap 828 glazed after leaking how to do?
A customer called to say after 828 glazed tile equipment leaking out of the product overlap quite serious, so what causes 828 glazed lap leaking it?
We preferred to determine whether the standard version, our conventional 828 arc glazed tile glazed version, that version are arc-shaped transition, this is a very important transition smooth arc shape, the two plates overlap up more docile, if the version is not standard, then leakage is yes.
Secondly, if the production of a long plate, then we must pay attention to two long plate came out the same diagonal are the same, a lot of equipment out of the glazed version of the device itself due to variations caused by diagonal diagonal deviation of the finished product produced very big, especially long board, board the factory deviation increases, then lap950 floor pressure tile machine after lap two boards must have gaps, thus leak is fixed.

Lap 828 glazed after leaking how to do?
The old version of the device itself is flawed, through lessons learned, the new version has 828 glazed tile anti-tank design, anti-tank mainly to lap lax version through the middle of the water discharged to the version of the type of channel not leaking, so this design has been color-coated steel market customers today unanimously approved.
Through continuous discovery and improvement, Caigang glazed tile equipment products become more mature, Caigang glazed tile color steel industry accounted for also increasing.

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