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Color sSteel gutter downpipe roll forming machineteel tile press semi-automatic and fully automatic

2021-03-25 08:45:54

Color steel tile press semi-automatic and fully automatic distinction

Automatic pressure tile machine features:
Color steel tile press is divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic points. Semi-automatic tile press only pressure-type parts, namely, pressure-type host. It needs time to work by means of supporting the use of shears. Since the semi-automatic tile press is not automatically cut portion so that the host can only push the tile, but not cut. Cut the Double deck roll forming machinetime you can use a small foot shears hydraulic shears or shear. But production is slow and labor-intensive resources. According to the people’s production needs, now we developed a new type of automatic pressure-watt machine, the machine easy to use, production speed, the extrusion molding plate 8-10 meters per minute. The automatic color steel tile press are equipped with shearing device, computer numerical control systems and counters. You simply set the plate on the course of the numerical control system you need a good one-time board to length, the device will automatically cut out when the pressure plate, depending on your set automatically cut length plate and the counter automatically record the number plate. Another advantage is that you can reduce the number of operators, only 1-2 people, you can reach 4800 m / day every day. It can greatly improve the speed and efficiency of production. So in recent years it has been colored steel industry praise and trust. Nowadays, automatic tile press is gradually replaced by semi-automatic tile press, it gives customers the effect is clear. So this is a good product to recommend this to everyone, we hope to bring you more benefits.

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